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American Eskimo Puppies for Sale

A fantastic dog that is the perfect companion if you are a New York City apartment dweller. The American Eskimo is bright and attentive to whoever owns it. You will want to snuggle it all day long and so will everyone else who meets your new American Eskimo puppy. When your American Eskimo and you are out having fun in Manhattan, you and your new pet will become very popular.

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The cutest ball of fluff ever, an American Eskimo puppy into adulthood is bound to be your BBF!


This dog is a crossbreed of several German dogs including the Pomeranian and Keeshond. It is also known by its German name of Spitz or can be referred to as the Eskie. The breed is in no way a descendant of the Alaskan Husky.

During the early 20th century, settlers from Germany brought the breed to America. The breed gained rapid popularity as a circus dog due to a famous Eskie on the circus route named Stout’s Pal Pierre who was trained to walk the tight rope, and because circus operators sold puppies at the end of performances. The American Kennel Club recognized the breed in 1994.

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Fluffy white fur, an elongated muzzle, black nose and lips, wolf-like appearance and a head shaped like a wedge characterize the Eskie. Long instead of tall, the American Eskimo is bushy, fox-like tail traditionally curls over its back. The Eskie has feet that are shaped like ovals.

The breed sports a double-layered coat with short, thick hair underneath and straight long thick hair on top and on the breeds neck and chest which make the Eskie look like it has a mane. Never shave your pet since it will irritate its skin. Our Eskie tends to shed 2 times per year. White or biscuit-cream are the acceptable colors for showing this breed in any type of professional show or competition.


A strong-willed dog before it is trained, the American Eskimo is intelligent and inquisitive. It enjoys playing, meeting new people, and other animals, and remains alert to its owner. Its behavior will be puppy-like until it is 2 years of age. Nonaggressive, it may be wary of strangers. It is a good pet for children and thrives on human companionship. So be prepared to take your new American Eskimo puppy with you everywhere!

Care and Feeding

You must brush your Eskie frequently to keep it from matting or shedding. They groom themselves often, so they only require bathing up to 4 or 5 times per year. The Eskie does not thrive in the heat and does well in cooler climates.

Allergic to fleas, Eskies can also have hip dysplasia. Eskies can have litters of 4-6 puppies with an average life-span of 10-20 years. Obedience training for your new pup, while it is young, is appropriate. Harsher training will create a stubborn and unresponsive animal.

Exercise your new dog every day with a jog or long walk. Do bring water on outdoor jaunts and rest in shady spots, to keep your pet from becoming too hot. If bored this breed can be destructive, however, they do excel at sports.

Eskie pups must eat four times a day until 12 weeks old. Taper to three meals between 3 to 6 months. At six months to one year, two bowls of food are sufficient. At 1 year, one bowl of food per day is sufficient. Avoid chews, real bones, garden mulch, and chocolate since these will make them ill.

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Your American Eskimo will give you many years of joy between puppy and full adulthood.

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