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Dog and Cat Grooming in Westchester NY

dog grooming services westchester NYGrooming a pet should be a labor of love and a time of bonding. By starting your dog or cat at a young age you'll be initiating good, hassle-free and sustainable grooming habits. Our Westchester NY based dog and cat grooming service will make your pet's experience rewarding, full of love and praise, and we'll even add in some really good treats. Like children, they may fight initially because of the uncomfortable position they may be in and the fact that we won’t let them get away so it may start as a negative experience but when done properly it will be reconciled into a good one. As Dr. Pavlov proved, dogs are incapable of reasoning but rather only associating a good or bad experience. The idea is for the dog or cat to see the brush or comb and know they will be praised and/or given treats upon completion. We begin by placing the animal on something higher than your lap preferably a table where they are high off the ground. This works much better for dogs than cats which are not afraid of heights. Depending on the type of animal there are several different brushes or combs that can be used. For instance a Poodle does not shed so a good wire slicker and a wide back comb are in order. We always have a detangler handy so there is no pulling on the skin. For a smoother coat dogs, like a Beagle or Jack Russell, a good shedding comb like the ones made by Coastal Pet really work well.

Most dogs should be brushed several times a week as should the teeth be brushed. We recommend doing them together because the dog/cat becomes comfortable with the time spent and an animal with bad breath and rotting teeth is not only unpleasant but unhealthy.


Rogeria Viana Professional Dog GroomerWe understand that pet owners love their animals and want the very best for them. There is a certain rapport that pet owners strive to reach with their vets and their pet groomers. They want to know that their dog or cat is in excellent hands when their ‘baby’ is dropped off for a grooming even if only for a couple of hours. Our newest professional dog groomer, Rogeria Viana, instills that sense of trust in her customers. NY Breeder is excited to have Rogeria on board and we're offering $15.00 off to any new customers who come in for their first grooming at NY Breeder. This allows pet owners to take advantage of her 10 years of experience with a nice discount. We hope that this discount will give you the opportunity to introduce yourself, and your pet, to her. You’ll experience firsthand the love and passion she has for each and every pet and for the skills she has acquired to be the best at what she does.


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