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Our Principles & Moral Code

Our Pet Stores Moral CodeNY Breeders was founded and created because of the dog human bond. A bound so powerful that it can make the weak strong, the sick healthy, and the lonely not feel alone. We believe that a dog is man’s best friend is not just a saying but a lifestyle. We are professionals that know our dog breeds and their behavior. We are truly qualified to help select the best breed for your lifestyle. We will never rush you or have you make an on the spot decision. Hopefully before you come in to see us you understand the needs of a puppy and eventually that the cute puppy turns into a healthy adult dog. At NY Breeder we have several animal behaviorists and dog trainers to help you and the puppy along. Training is absolutely free. We believe it is our responsibility that we do everything in our power to make the relationship work. Along with our associated Veterinarians and a 24 hour number to a vet tech help is always in reach.


Our breeders are some of the finest people that we know. They wake up every morning clean the kennels, feed the dogs, check on the puppies and then do it all over again several times a day, day in and day out. Is it work? Not if you love what you are doing. Our breeders understand health, socialization, and confirmation. They love what they do and it shows in all of our puppies. Please come in and feel free to look around. Please come in and ask questions. We are proud of the store we built and we are proud of the job we do.


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